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Individual and Sibling Portraits
To order Individual and Sibling Portraits, please view the front and reverse side of your Picturebox Schools envelope.
1:  Select your pack/s

Choose your selected pack/s from the Picturebox Returns Envelope (as seen below).

Prices for each of the packs can be found on your proof order form.


2:  Mark your selection on your proof order form


Please use a permanent marker or biro to mark your selection on the proof order form.

If you have difficulties writing on the glossy side of the proof card - or don't have a permanent marker to hand - simply write your order clearly on the reverse of the card, or include your order on a piece of paper.

Please remember to include your child's name and class.


3: Return your order to the school office


Please enclose your the proof order form and your cheque (or the correct amout of cash) inside the envelope provided and seal it securely.

Cheques should be made payable to: “Picturebox Schools” . Please write your child’s name on the back of the cheque.

Please return your order as promptly as possible to avoid missing the deadline.


4. Late orders


All orders received after the deadline can still be processed, however, please include a £4 surcharge* to cover the cost of handling and postage, and your delivery details. For further information click here.


*We regret that late orders received without the surcharge may be returned unprocessed.

Be sure to view both sides of your envelope before making your selection.

Extended Product Range

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